When it comes to wall applications, stone cladding or tiles are obvious and popular choices offering a variety of options depending on the functionality of the space. Fireplace focal walls, bathroom or kitchen walls and outdoor walls are all transformed with stone tiling or panels.

– Marble has always been one of the more poplar natural stone choices when it comes to wall applications. Its beauty and distinctive patterning make it a classic and timeless choice and the overall aesthetic is always luxurious.

– Granite, because of its strength and exceptional durability, make it a popular choice for walls. Its beauty and elegance come in a myriad of colours and patterns making it very versatile.

– Quartz tiles and panels are becoming increasingly popular beyond counters and vanities. With their fantastic colour options (from red to lime green and everything in between), they create a gorgeous contemporary feel and a definite design statement.

– Porcelain tiles give the look of natural stone and are more impervious to water and harder than ceramic tiles. Glazed porcelain tiles are more durable and less susceptible to cracking in very cold temperatures. Porcelain tiles are ideal for indoor-heating and are not cold to the touch. The beauty and versatility of porcelain make it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

– Onyx and gemstone tiles are definitely the route to go if you want natural beauty and an element of status on your walls. Its rarity makes it unique and its vivid elegance and glamour bring the wow-factor to any space. If you are looking for dramatic impact, the translucent appearance and variety of colour and patterns make onyx or gemstone tiles the way forward in your design scheme.

See below for the stone types that are best suited for your wall applications:

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