There is no denying the classic beauty, elegance and durability of furniture made from stone – coffee tables, dining room tables, outdoor tables and boardroom desks.

Marble table tops are beautiful for traditional and contemporary schemes. Although marble is susceptible to staining and scratching, if sealed regularly and properly maintained, it will last for many years and can be passed down for future generations to enjoy.

Granite’s strength and durability are always a winning combination for table tops. It is also heat, stain and scratch resistant. The one disadvantage is that it is very heavy so not easy to move. The variety of patterning and hues make it a unique design statement. Suitable for interior and exterior furniture options.

Quartz as an engineered stone has similar properties to granite. But with quartz, one gets to be playful with all the colour options on offer to really personalise your space.

Onyx Gemstone, because of its rich and iridescent colourings and rarity, is best suited for smaller accent furniture options in your home, such as side tables. It makes a bold, high-end and luxurious statement and is also believed to have certain healing qualities and remove and absorb negative energy.

See below for the stone types that are best suited for your custom made furniture applications:

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