Flooring - Low Traffic

For thousands of years, stone tiles have been used as flooring options. Natural stone is always a popular choice as it complements any decor system – from traditional to contemporary designs. Its versatility makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor flooring options. It is important to note that different types of stone tiles need to be treated according to the supplier’s recommendations.
Natural stone tiles are likely to vary in colour and patterning, so variations in batches need to be expected.

Granite tiles are always a good option as granite is very hard wearing. Granite tiles should be sealed to protect the stone from stains and general wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas.

Marble tiles, with their smooth finish and unique veining, are a popular choice for interiors. Marble is not as hard as granite and is fairly porous which makes it susceptible to staining, it requires proper sealing.

Porcelain tiles are unlikely to go out of fashion. Not only are porcelain tiles a cost-effective option, but they also blend perfectly with any decor and are beautiful to look at and walk on.

See below the type of stones you can choose from for your flooring project:

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