Our Process

One of our professionals will pay you a visit to begin drawing up your design, or you can provide your own drawings, designs, and dimensions.

We will give you an estimated price.

Once we have received your initial payment, we will send you a form, on which you can confirm the details, to your satisfaction.

We will then create a job folder containing your estimate, installation contract, drawings, dimensions, and a lien waiver to be signed after your project has been finalised.   

An appointment will be scheduled for us visit your site to finalise all the measurements.

During this appointment, we will verify all the details of your purchase and answer any questions that you may have.

You (or a legal representative) are required to be on site to sign off all project specifications.  

After your measurements are complete, we will give you a final price, which covers all the costs of your project. The price may be affected if your requirements have changed or if the square meterage has increased.

Once the material has been approved and all the fabrication information has been finalised, we create your Shop Folder, which is sent to our production team.

If the material you’ve chosen is back-ordered at the supplier or if you still need to approve the slabs used for your stone, installation may be delayed.

However, we do everything in our power to eliminate any unexpected delays.

As soon as the production team receives your Shop Folder, they will call you to set up an installation appointment. Throughout the production process, every piece is monitored to make sure that it matches the digital template and your fabrication instructions. Once complete, your stone is prepared for installation.

We estimate 15 days, from production to installation.

Our Install crew will arrive at your home. Installation will take approximately 4 – 6 hours, longer if needed.

Once complete, you perform a thorough inspection of the finished project. We are only happy once you are completely satisfied with our work.

It is now over to you to enjoy.