Semi-Precious Stones & Onyx

Onyx is an extremely unique natural and precious stone due to its rarity and ability to radiate light. Formed on the surface of the earth from spring or groundwater that has calcite dissolved in it, onyx has the same mineral content as marble.

The sparkling translucence and wavy parallel bands of fluid colour make it look like a gemstone.

The most common colours are black and white, but reds, purples, browns and blues are also found. Onyx is a fragile stone: if used for countertops, it is best suited to parts of the kitchen that don’t see much heavy use, as it can become scratched. Its versatility means it can also be formed into lighting fixtures and basins. Favoured in decorative architecture and sculpture, and popular as backsplashes, vanities and accent tiles, onyx will provide a beautiful design accent for your space.

Semi-Precious Stones & Onyx

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