Edge Profiles


Little details can make a big difference when it comes to the world of design. Countertop and vanity edges make a definitive statement and whether you’ve selected natural or engineered stone, the right edge detail will provide the perfect flair and finish to your countertops.

Square edge

The square or straight edge is most commonly used for backsplashes, but also on countertops to give a simple and sleek designer look. It looks great on thin and thick granite slabs. The sharp straight edge on top is usually slightly rounded or eased. A square edge complements a minimalist urban kitchen or bathroom.

Full Bullnose

The full bullnose edge has rounded edges at the top and bottom which give a contemporary look. It is easy to clean, less susceptible to chipping and is a safety feature for small kids. The full bullnose edge tends to make countertops look thinner. It complements all design styles.

Half Bullnose

The half bullnose is a classic edge with the rounded/curved top of a full bullnose, but with a sharper straight bottom edge. (It is sometimes called round-over). This edge emphasizes the thickness and solidity of the stone and highlights the patterning in the stone. The half bullnose edge gives your overall design a softer look and will work with any style.


The dupont edge is also known as the ‘Bird’s Beak.’ It is similar to a demi bullnose but with a notch routered in at the top. It is not suitable for all stone types as it can chip.

Ogee Flat

The ogee flat edge is a timeless curvy and classically elegant edge that adds character and works well in traditional kitchens. It has a decorative look with a groove on a slightly rounded bottom with the signature ‘s’ shape.

French Cove / Ogee Liberty

The French Cove edge has an elaborate detailed edge. The look is sophisticated and best partnered with classic or traditional designs. It is not recommended for smaller kitchens and bathrooms as it can make the design look heavy, but works really well in larger gourmet kitchens. This design edge cannot be made on all stone types.

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Little details can make a big difference when to comes in the world of design. Contact us for more info.